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  • A history of the earth and animated nature (Volume 2) ([1840]) 封面
  • Über Bienen, Grab-, Weg-, Faltenwespen u. Ameisen aus dem Badischen Oberrheingebiet (Hym. aculeata). (1951) 封面
  • France, Mexico and Informal Empire in Latin America, 1820-1867: Equilibrium in the New World 封面
  • Female Football Players and Fans: Intruding into a Man's World 封面
  • Scottish Presbyterianism and Settler Colonial Politics: Empire of Dissent 封面
  • [Review of ants of the genus Cataglyphis Foerster (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) of Asia.] (1997) 封面
  • Statistical Human Genetics: Methods and Protocols 封面
  • Beginning Ractive.js: A Practical Introduction to Ractive.js using Real-World Examples 封面
  • A new type of social parasitism among ants. (1904) 封面
  • Chinese Porcelain in Colonial Mexico: The Material Worlds of an Early Modern Trade 封面