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  • Benevolent Empire : U.S. Power, Humanitarianism, and the World’s Dispossessed 封面
  • Ethical Rationalism and the Law 封面
  • Differential Dynamical Systems 封面
  • What makes Variables random. Probability for the applied Researcher 封面
  • A Cultural History of Chess-Players 封面
  • Visual Impairment and Work: Experiences of Visually Impaired People 封面
  • Curative Violence : Rehabilitating Disability, Gender, and Sexuality in Modern Korea 封面
  • Planning Later Life: Bioethics and Public Health in Ageing Societies 封面
  • Racialised Gang Rape and the Reinforcement of Dominant Order: Discourses of Gender, Race and Nation 封面
  • Discrimination as Stigma: A Theory of Anti-discrimination Law 封面