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  • Value in Capitalist Society: Rethinking Marx's Criticism of Capitalism (Critical Studies in German Idealism) 封面
  • The Capitalist Unconscious: Marx And Lacan 封面
  • The Cambridge Companion to The Communist Manifesto (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy) 封面
  • Marx After Marx: History and Time in the Expansion of Capitalism 封面
  • Marx After Marx: History And Time In The Expansion Of Capitalism 封面
  • Constructing Marxist Ethics: Critique, Normativity, Praxis (Studies in Critical Social Sciences) 封面
  • Karl Marx: Versuch über Den Zusammenhang Seiner Theorie 封面
  • The Legacy Of Marxism: Contemporary Challenges, Conflicts, And Developments 封面
  • The History Of Democracy: A Marxist Interpretation 封面
  • Teens, Libraries, And Social Networking: What Librarians Need To Know (Libraries Unlimited Professional Guides For Young Adult Librarians Series) 封面